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Name: Jason

Rating: 1

Review: 202 Market is a unique place to see a show but the times I have been have been less than thrilling. I went for Yo Mama's Big Fat Booty Band in May and had a terrible experience with the club manager Gary Jackson. Mr. Jackson not only once but twice bumped into my expensive recording equipment that I had with me to tape the band. Not only did he bump into the equipment twice, he had me set it up there and said it would be out of the way. Now this may seem trivial to the average bar-goer but for live music fans it is unforgivable. This experience made me realize that 202 Market does not care for real music fans, only those that are at the club to buy their overpriced entrees. The actual club and PA are top notch but Mr. Jackson seems to have courtesy issues with his customers. I will not return unless there is a show I cannot miss.



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