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Brian Conner, lead singer/songwriter and guitarist for Villanova began writing songs at age 11 and has now perfected a unique style of funk and hip-hop rock. Conners' unparalleled guitar skill is a passionate combination of technical jazz-fusion and Jimi Hendrix inspired licks which beautifully blend with the tight pocket powerhouse of bass player Bobby Dredd and drummer Jeremy Roberson. Dredd's Victor Wooten/Larry Graham-esque prominent string slap style is proof that he is a graduate of the old school of funk. Roberson creates the in the pocket, in your face rhythms of Villanova. Newest member of the group walking musical encyclopedia DJ Able One brings samples, cuts, beats, and keys to add an authentic hip hop feel. With a tight and precise rhythm section, sincere soulful vocals, and the collaboration of scratches and samples, Villanova creates an unusual blend of danceable jams, hard driving rock songs, and soulfully written ballads. Villanova has heavy emphasis on melody, singing, and lyrics. The songs are radio friendly and meant to be rocked live. Currently, we are working towards obtaining record label interest and touring the Southeast promoting the new album. We hope to produce music that touches people's hearts and captures a respectable fan base of music lovers.
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