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Tommy Womack

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My name is Tommy Glynn Womack. Skot Willis once said I was the craziest person hed ever met who had his life together. Todd Snider says Im the only person hes ever met in Nashville whos crazier than he is. So I must be crazy, I guess. I cant tell. Crazy for most folks must just be what normal feels like for me.

I make records, I write. I play shows. And being an artist of, shall we say, minor repute, I am also compelled to spend my Mondays through Fridays at a company that employs 18,000 people, maintains a zero-tolerance drugs and alcohol policy, and - thankfully for me so far - an apparent zero-enforcement of such. Hell, Id love them to piss-test me, actually; Ill walk in there with a fresh hot cup of urine and a fistfull of prescriptions and say "yeah, Im good for that, im good for that, and Im good for that! And as for THAT, well thats to keep me off the third-floor ledge of the building I work in, naked, with a spray-paint can in my hand and a whole lot to get off my chest!

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