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Formed by accident in 1999 by four individual coverband veterans, TK-421 has since built an impressive following based on great original rock songwriting, pro-level recording, and powerful live shows. Originally designed as an 80's Hairband tribute, the members of what would become TK found that their chemistry was undeniable. Tossed around guitar riffs quickly became great songs, and hummed vocal melodies quickly became strong lyrical hooks. This was a band that was focused right from the start. The works since created are powerful and driving, yet still manage to be radio friendly. Their self recorded and produced demo cd "Hollow" has received airplay on numerous radio stations in the Southeast US and even abroad in Germany and Australia. "Hollow" even earned them ..1 honors as Roanoke, Virginia's Local Album of the Year. TK-421 has built a strong reputation for putting on a live show that is pure rock served up as it is supposed to be... loud, aggressive, and delivered with an incredible amount of energy. This is a band who plays what it means, and means what it plays. Simply put, TK-421 is the total rock package.
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Name: Robert Rating: 5
Review: I remember my first TK experience, I was sober... that always helps! I had always heard of Chuck Johnson and had seen him in his previous band, Bananas At Large. I was always floored by the talent and power of this man. His playing and his voice are by far, not typical of the local music scene. I was crushed when I heard BAL had split [pun intended], but was over joyed when I heard Chuck was with a new band.

I believe it was either 2001 or 2002 that I first saw TK. It was at Turn One in Wytheville and the show was absolutely AMAZING! I have seen many shows since and will continue showing up as long as I am able. The most awe inspiring aspect f the band is their love and desire to entertain. Whether they play to a crowd of 200 or 20, they bring it and make damn sure everyone is having a good time.

I have seen many "professional" bands in my day and TK-421 are the only band I will continue to watch. Their originals far outshine the cover material and each show is unique to itself. They are the band people schedule their weekends around... Now that's saying something.


Name:   Rating: 5
Review: In my opinion they are more talented than [most of] the other local bands. Why? Because they can play their own original work that people know and love and sing along to, as well as covers that everyone does. Sure the other bands are good at playing other peoples (famous) stuff, but true musicians make and start something new and bring in fans from ORIGINAL works. They are truely the most talented artists that I know, and they are extremely nice. I always have a great time at the shows and their fans rock as well! You definitely need to come see these guys play!!!
Name: W Rating: 5
Review: TK puts on the best live show of any local act you could go see..if you've never seen one of their shows you have to go, they are also some of the nicest guys you will ever come have to go see em' absolutely awesome and their originals are just as good if not better than the covers.
Name: Tammy Rating: 5
Review: TK-421 is the best live band that I have seen perform in this area!! Not only do they do an excellent job covering rock from the 80's on up...they have their own songs which I love just as much. They are much more than a cover band!! Along with the great music, these guys are just a wonderful group to be around. All of their fans are awesome and I have thoroughly enjoyed myself at each and every show I have attended. If you haven't seen these guys're truly missing out!!!!
Name: King Doug Rating: 5
Review: I have been in the music business for close to 15 yrs and have rarely been "wowed" by the bands on stage. TK-421 brings more than talented musicians to the stage. They bring a presence that is not seen from an unsigned band. If you are in or around the Southeast, you need to go see the live show for yourself.

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