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Sycamore Stone

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Breaking free from the contemporary rock/pop-song band format, Sycamore Stone is reconfiguring the classic rock sound for the next generation of rock fan. This Southside Virginia four piece, Joe Handy (vocals), Frank Poperowitz (drums), Waylon Hatchett (guitar/vocals) and Ed McGee (bass/vocals), stands for everything that is raw, primitive, direct and loose about rock music.

Foremost, Sycamore Stone is a band that gets back to that vibe which made 50s, 60s and 70s rock so consequential. However, the band’s highly personal lyric writing, undeviating guitar sound and explosive rhythm section define a sound and feel uniquely their own. In an era where bands subconsciously obey the whims of a cable media culture for whom rock's central texts (Beatles, Stones, Zeppelin etc.) are somehow seen as old-fashioned, Sycamore Stone combines musical sincerity, rawness and the power/arena rock sound of its forbearers with no apologies. Like all the best bands of the rock era, they trace their influences right to the source.

Performing live, Sycamore Stone takes their audience to a place that not only replicates a by-gone era, but captures the heart and soul of live music. Their rock-infused interpretation of the blues also incorporates rockabilly, reggae, soul, funk, jazz, classical, and country. Commenting on a live performance at the Green Dolphin Grille in Roanoke, VA an anonymous patron stated, “I can’t believe how great they sound… I haven’t heard a live act like this in years. They, (Sycamore Stone) are phenomenal.” From the moment the band hits the stage, you'll believe, Sycamore Stone is definitely the real deal!

Currently, Sycamore Stone continues to rehearse while writing and recording new material. Future plans include the release of their self-titled EP as well as a tour of the Southeastern United States. Plans are also in the works for an on-line store where fans can purchase Sycamore Stone merchandise.

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