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Stephen Kellogg & The Sixers

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Stephen Kellogg & the Sixers is a Massachusetts quartet made up of two distinct parts. In one corner stands the unmistakably jubilant personality of rock-n-roll’s The Sixers; in the other sits an authentic American songwriter in a period of profound growth. Rising triumphantly in the center is a band whose music is the perfect marriage of the two.

Glassjaw Boxer, the band’s current release, is a lasting letter to the world about family and friendships. Produced by Whiskeytown’s Mike Daly with mixing help from Dave Bryson of Counting Crows and guest appearances by Mike Daly, Caitlin Cary (Whiskeytown/ Vocals) and Marc Roberge (O.A.R/Vocals) among others, the songs of Glassjaw Boxer warmly envelop the listener. As strummed acoustic and electric guitars share space with accordions, trumpets, and soaring lap steel, Kellogg and his band craft an impassioned set of music that is not observed from a distance, but intimately experienced.

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