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Stephanie's ID

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Stephanie's Id is "indie pop revelry" (Sonic Parthenon, NYC). Voted "Best Rock Band" and "Best Indie Band" (2006 & 2007) in Asheville, NC, a city widely known for its musical soul. Creating music that can be accused of being geographically displaced, the band thrives upon arty, sometimes dark statements that often belie the medium: infectious melody and danceable rhythm. Led by Stephanie, a lusty-voiced "hyperactive siren" (Go Triad, Greensboro, NC), the live show leads the band's loyal audiences through lush, multi-influenced chord structures and "impress-your-parents technical sorcery" (Aaron, sound engineer, Knoxville, TN). Stephanie's stage performance is Blondie, Bjork, Jim Morrison, and Beth Gibbons channeled through the unflagging hope of an Iowan-born and Texas-raised former gymnast.

Since its beginning in 2002, the Id's operations might be compared to those of indie-pop phenoms Mates of State or The Rosebuds; this is definitely a band project, but it operates around the nucleus of husband-wife writing team Stephanie Morgan (vocalist) and Chuck Lichtenberger. Originally, the duo toured with drummer/producer Vic Stafford (formerly of Blueground Undergrass) for some time before connecting with accomplished vibraphonist Matthew Richmond. Richmond lent a large and haunting signature sound to the band's debut album (""Spiral In"), which was quickly placed in regular rotation by regional AAA station WNCW. The same year, the guitarless "Spiral In" was named in the Top 100 national releases by WNCW, the Asheville Ballet choreographed "ANNA! A Rock Ballet" to the music (commanding an encore run later that year), and JANE Magazine chose the single "Popsicles" for their 2005 compilation. The band also released a 'B-sides' EP ("This EP is MONEY") in early 2006. The satirical "White Guys Selling Cars" was widely appreciated by fans, as was the band's cover of Portishead's "Glory Box." The EP received national radio play.

Out of a basement jam in early 2006 came the unabashed "Unmistakably Love", produced by Stafford. The existing touring band began to morph and change; the lineup eventually included bassist Rob Geisler (contributor to Outkast's Grammy award-winning "Stankonia") and upside-down guitar whiz Michael Libramento.

The band began recording their third release, "Grus americanus", after months of seasoning on the road. In the midst of the recording, Morgan and Lichtenberger were married in Iceland and the band signed with MA-based Nine Mile Records. "Grus americanus", produced by Stafford, features performances by several of Asheville's best musicians and singers. The record released nationally Sept. 11, 2007 on Nine Mile.

"It would be some sort of musical travesty if Stephanie’s Id flies under the Rolling Stone radar for much longer..." says The Daily Times in Knoxville, TN of "Grus americanus". The single "Unmistakably Love" is featured on the CMJ sampler (September) and on the PASTE Magazine sampler (November).

Stephanie's Id tours the Southeast and Eastern U.S. with 4-7 band members.

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