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Versatility and Precision. These are the two ingredients in a simple recipe for success, in just about any aspect of life. And if you use them to describe a band, then the band must be Southpaw. If you add a dash of talent and a cup or two of experience, we are talking about a full coarse meal.

Southpaw can play to many different kinds of settings, depending on the occasion. Always ready to play any time, whether it is a club, a fraternity house, a wedding, or maybe just a big party in the back yard, Southpaw can fill the need.

This is a band that can definitely get a crowd on its feet, whether it be lead vocalist and guitarist Wayne Carter bringing it on home, lead guitarist and vocalist Stacy Stevens shredding it to splinters, or bassist Jeff Mason and drummer Jeff Stinnett setting the tone, Southpaw never disappoints. And they can come at you from different directions. They can come out of the gate blaring electric, or they can tone it down with a good sitting-by-the-campfire acoustic set. With the professionalism that they bring on and off of the stage, Southpaw is not your ordinary lefty out of the bullpen.

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