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Six Chasing Seven

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Six Chasing Seven was formed in the early part of 2005 with simple idea of making great music fronted by lyrics with more depth than the average song of today. The 5 original members met in college where through random circumstances they were brought together and collectively decided to compile their music to create the conglomeration that is heard today. Frontman Dick Redding was brought on board after building a strong following in Charlottesville. With a healthy blend of rock, jazz and reggae backed by a taste of hip hop and funk rythms, they have created a sound unlike any other.

From a clasically trained keyboardist to a gospel and hip-hop inlfuenced rythm section the band's backgrounds are as diverse as their experience. With this foundation Six Chasing Seven's live show has been gaining a reputation as a high energy musical journey. The band's inevitable path will surely springboard them on to the mainstream stage.

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