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The Seed

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The Seed is a group of talented twenty-somethings currently hailing from Roanoke, Virginia (U.S.A.). Newly formed as of the Fall of 2005, the Seed began as a trio. The group has since been creating a tactful array of wonderfully crafted, melodically smooth gems. Brent Hoskins, 29, drums/sampler, S.G. Lewis, 27, vocals/guitar, and Jason DeCicco, 24, on bass are all natives of the Blue Ridge Mountain region of Virginia. They are occasionally joined in the studio and on stage by several Roanoke Valley musicians including childhood friend John "Slothman" Spence (percussion/vocals), Jeff Maiden (Percussion) Robert Grice (Guitar/Bass) and James Pace (Keys). It is the band's intent to make music that makes you feel good or just feel, period. Reggae and R&B, Funk and Rock - multiple styles of music have brought inspiration to the band throughout the years. Such influences can be heard in the stylings of the Seed's repetoire as their rhythms touch upon many different genres. The Seed's sound is one even haters have to listen to...and it is just the beginning.
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