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Russell Howard

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Singer/songwriter/guitarist Russell Howard has taken his first big step into the world. With the release of his debut album 'too soon|too late' Howard's inventive writing, stunningly clear voice, and masterful playing is finally available to music fans everywhere. 'Too soon|too late' is the culmination of four years of writing, performing, and honing his skills in front of a loyal college audience. "This record represents both a beginning and an end," says Howard. "It's like opening night. I've had four years to rehearse and prepare, now it's time to bring the music to a broader audience".

The November 2006 release of 'too soon|too late' is the kickoff to a steadily expanding performance schedule throughout the Southeast. Howard's high-energy performances and online promotions have earned him a network of fans stretching throughout the South. Originally from Texas, Howard now makes his home in North Carolina, maintaining a loyal fan base in both states. Growing up in Dallas under the parentage of two professional orchestral musicians imparted the importance of music very early. "My parents had me playing violin at 2 years old," Howard recalls. By the end of high school, he had traded in the violin for a guitar, setting his sights from the beginning on writing and performing. Finding support for his music from his college classmates, Howard went on to win a performing/songwriting competition at Berklee School of Music's summer program in 2004, and to establish, operate, and headline a thriving music venue on the campus of Davidson College.

With four years of performing under his belt, Howard set off to the studio in Summer 2006 to record 'too soon|too late' with the help of engineer Bob Gentry. For the most part self-produced, 'too soon|too late' is marked by the musicianship and integrity of Howard's musical upbringing, while showcasing his one of a kind alternative pop/rock sound with "the perfect touch of blues."'Too soon|too late' finally makes Russell Howard's soaring voice, energetic guitar work, and absolutely unique sound available to music fans everywhere.

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