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The Rogan Brothers

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Think about brother pairings in rock, and typically you find two different personalities that complement each other perfectly. Greg Allman’s super soulful singing matched with Duane’s perfect slide tone that makes “Ain’t My Cross to Bear” a tune that just floors you. Or Stevie Ray and Jimmie Vaughan, whose one album together, mixed their styles beautifully.

Then you have the pairs who might as well have been brothers: Mick and Keith, John and Paul, Page and Plant.

The thing about brothers is that they share the most common sensibility. It is in the marrow. And yet, they work their whole lives to be different from each other. And what you get is that synthesis of nature and nurture.

Josh and Eric Rogan approach music very differently. Josh taught himself to play and his tunes are from the gut, instinctual. Eric studied music avidly in college and developed a passion for playing and performing.

The Rogan Brothers write and sing music that is from the heart. They are interested in music with a certain honesty. And you can hear it when they are writing a song. Some tunes never come to full fruition. But the ideas and the process never stop.

Take a tune like “Bones”. The beauty of the tune is that it sounds like a rock tune, nothing forced, nothing tricky. But the parts are so imaginatively put together that when you begin to pay closer attention, the song will draw you in. And when the band takes it to the bridge, you have to wonder where they are going to end up. Until they bring it back to the lyric, and you realize that you have been around the block twice.

Check out the Rogan Brothers, and you will find a sound that is familiar, and yet very original. It is like putting on your favorite pair of socks, right out of the dryer.

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