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Rex Riddem

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Rex Riddem's music career started, during the early 90's, in the Washington, DC underground scene. There he combined efforts with several friends to start the Snowball Collective. With Snowball Rex hosted and spun some of the most eclectic parties to hit the DC electronic underground. He also threw several Philadelphia after-hours parties, at that time, with Randall Jones of Tigerhook Corp. (THC). Along with dj'ing, Riddem produces and preforms as a percussionist. Rex's style, highly tribal and ethnicly influenced, traverses through many styles and and tempos. Provided that its got a diasporic twist to it, Rex can rock anything from laid back samba-breakbeats, through latin infused funk, to hot-steppin drum n bass. As a DJ, Riddem has moved dancefloors across the U.S. and Latin America. As a percussionist he has done the same while adding Russia to the list. Rex records as well as performs live with Thunderball (ESL records) Fort Knox Five Recordings (FK5), Holmes Ives (OVA records), Randall Jones and Hito (THC), and Buster (Snowball , Buzzlife). He has also recorded percussion for Afrika Bambaataa (Zulu Nation).
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