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The Pullouts

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"The PullOuts are a trio based in Roanoke, VA who pride themselves on great songwriting, tight harmonies and high energy stage shows. None of the rockstar theatrics to be had with these guys as they treat each performance like the evocation of a common spirit with the crowd. Sometimes aloof, sometimes hilarious...these guys bring the real deal. The band's sound is most commonly referred to as loud and proud rock in the vein of the Who, MC5, Nirvana, Pixies, or Thin Lizzy. The kicker is the vast influences they draw from (Reggae, Progressive Rock, Jam bands, Bluegrass, Glam rock, Old style metal/grunge, Folk rock, Modern and Classic Jazz, Alternative Rock, Indie nauseum). It all makes for a glorious mishmosh underneath the surface.

The PullOuts have released two FREE cd offerings at shows and are currently recording their official debut LP for Weapons of Mass Production. Check out their internet singles "Last Rites of a Failed Attempt at Proof" and "Mad Crazy Hilarious" on their myspace homepage.

Take nothing for granted. This band is one of a kind. If you want to see something different. If you want your face melted off, check these guys out." ----RockFormRadio

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Name: StarCityRecords Rating: 5
Review: Love the Pullouts! The tunes are great and the live show kicks. Very original. Addictive but healthy so no rehab necessary.
Name: BRAINS!!! Rating: 5
Review: Have you ever played a record so much that you literally wore thru the vinyl? Me neither, but if it were possible, The Pullouts might be the ones for it to happen to!

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