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The Pop Rivets

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Formed in 2001, the Pop Rivets have become a SWVA musical mainstay. The group originally began with former bandmates Chico and Brian Holt joining with recent Roanoke transplant Jason Hill. Before their first performance at the 2001 Vinton Dogwood Festival, TPR added saxman dON cliftON (formerly of Randon Acts of Sax and Radar Rose). Over the next few years, the quartet polished several original tunes, learned a plethora of cover material, and gigged constantly. Hard work paid off with a devout following in SWVA. In August of 2004 dON left the group as a regular member to persue other interests. In January of 2005, TPR released their debut eponomous CD. dON joined the band at the CD release party along with keyboardist James Pace (the nonprofits). In June of 2005, James joined the band as a full time member until hitting the road with the band Harper. Jonathan Barker played keys in 2006. Todd Mckee has been added on sound and lights and guitars and bass and vocals and drums and guitar tuning and beer fetching and…… With eruptive live shows and a diverse mix of musical styles, the Pop Rivets enliven and entertain.
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