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Pistoltown is a pop/punk/rock band from Nashville, Tennessee. Their non-stop, high-energy, crowd-lifting shows have gained the attention of many people throughout the nation. Their fan-base stretches as far north as Canada all the way down to Florida and Texas. Not only has their music and live performance garnered the attention of fans throughout the country, it has also caught the ear of some record labels. Pistoltown recently finished their debut EP and are hard at work on the full length album. However, before they even had time to think about it, their single "Torn" has been chosen to be on a compilation cd. It will be featured on the "Rockers for Life" compilation cd, which you will be able to find in a music store near you! Enough of the talk!!! Forget everything you've read, forget everything you've heard, come experience for yourself what everyone is talking about.
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Name: Christy J. Rating: 5
Review: These guys are the greatest!! We were on a girls trip to PCB and got to meet them and hear their music. Now, we can't wait to see them again closer to home. The thing I like about this group the most is they are real!! Their music is kick ass...whether it is a cover or their own. These are the nicest guys and they can really entertain!! Their show is the best I've seen in a long time. They rock from start to finish and are so great to include the crowd!! Don't miss this band!
Name: Alicia Rating: 5
Review: Simply put these guys rock!!! everytime there in town i make damn sure i go..they not only can cover the shit we all know and love to sing but thier own shit is original and kicks ass... i cant wait to see them make it big!!!
Name: Michelle G. Rating: 5
Review: Pistoltown is my favorite band! They bring so much energy and a unique sound to the stage! I never miss their shows in TN!! They are all amazingly talented and absolutely gorgeous... They love to party and hang out with their fans. Meeting new people is always tops on their list!! If you haven't been to their show - you are missing out!!
Name: Hilary .. Kennesaw, GA Rating: 5
Review: These guys know how to put on a show! Not only are they super-talented, but they take time to hang out/talk with everyone afterwards. They do awesome covers of my favorite 90's stuff/new stuff and their own music is rockin! They know how to keep a crowd entertained so don't miss 'em!
Name: Amanda Rating: 5
Review: These guys are so amazing!! Not only are they unbelievably talented but absolutely gorgeous ;) They love their fans and are some of the coolest guys to hang with. There's never a boring moment at their shows...they'll keep you entertained with there amazing stage presense. Can't wait to have them back in Clarksville! Keep up the good work! ~Amanda Watters~

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