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Original Rhondels

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From Virginia Beach, Virginia, the Original Rhondels are a music tradition who have performed their hit recordings in almost every major city in the United States. In 1969, Bill Deal and the Rhondels began a recording career that would take them to Madison Square Garden and across the country. With 3 top 10 hits, "May I", "I've Been Hurt", and "What Kind of Fool Do You Think I Am", the band hit the road, delighting their audiences with outstanding vocals, powerful brass, and exciting showmanship. These hits also topped the charts in Argentina, Spain, Brazil, Germany and Mexico.

The unexpected passing of Bill Deal in December of 2003 was a great loss to the music industry, however the Original Rhondels continue to perform the great music that earned them a star on the Legends Walk of Fame. Performing from Orlando & Tampa, Florida, to Charleston & Myrtle Beach, South Carolina; from Montgomery, Alabama to Washington, D.C., the Original Rhondels continue to delight their audiences at corporate and family events, as well as festivals and concerts.

With Brian Bleakley on vocals and trumpet, Peter Pope on keys and vocals, Steve Ambrose on sax and vocals, Gary Hardy and Rollie Ligart on trumpet and vocals, Wayne Kessinger on bari sax and vocals, Dean Englert on trombone and vocals, Bruce Harlow on guitar and vocals, and Sonny Morris on drums and vocals, the Original Rhondels are stronger than ever, performing htis from their latest CD, "Bout Time".

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