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Hello everyone, thanks for stopping by! My real name is Nico... Nickodemus is a "Nick" name given to me at an early age. I am not Greek, but my journey started in Queens, so I love my Mediterranean cousins ;) Been dancing since birth, spinning records since 14, producing events since 16 & producing music from about 20... I've produced, co-produced & released about 40 original tunes, 20 or so remixes, 7 compilation CD's and 1 full length album called " ENDANGERED SPECIES." Music is clearly been my passion. Getting people together with music (aka Turntables on the Hudson & Coney Island Love) is one of my favorite things to do! With everything going on in the World, music is always the unifier… the healer! Here's some of the latest music I produced/ co-produced/ remixed… As you can hear, it comes from many different influences. Funk, Soul & Hip Hop is where my musical journey began. Fortunately, DJ'ing has brought me all over the globe since 96, so it's really helped broadened my horizons.
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