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New Roanoke Jug Band

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SCOTT BALDWIN - GUITAR, BANJO, JUG, SLIDE GUITAR AND HARMONICA; began exploring American roots music while at The College of William and Mary in the 1990’s. A 2,000 mile hike along the Appalachian Trail in 1998, a guitar & harmonica in his backpack much of the way, suggested mountain tones mixed naturally with the blues music that was Scott Baldwin’s primary interest. First on guitar, then an assortment of other instruments, Scott began learning the songs and styles of rural America. He met Jay Griffin in 1999 and first played with the New Roanoke Jug Band in June, 2000. Bluegrass Unlimited cited “Scott Baldwin is a fine guitarist who captures the old-time fingerpicked styles with ease. He also is quite adept at the banjo, jug, and harmonica.”

JAY GRIFFIN - FIDDLE, WASHBOARD, VOCALS; At age 18, Jay Griffin heard recordings by legendary bluesman Robert Johnson and the masterful Hobart Smith of Virginia in the Virginia Western Community College Library. Jay picked up the mountain dulcimer, then washboard while attending the University of Virginia in the 1970’s. A true, bare hand master of the washboard, he began a lengthy woodshed course in old time fiddle in 1980. The result is a singular style that pulse draws from the music’s inner core. Few performers sing the old songs with this kind of conviction. Jay’s efforts on behalf of the region’s music were documented in the book Blue Ridge Music Trails (University of North Carolina Press 2003)

JEFF HOFMANN - DOUBLE BASS; Jeff joined the NRJB in 2005. The veteran bassist has recorded and performed with many artists across a broad spectrum of styles. In the NRJB Jeff’s bass teases out a particularly primal element in the music, making it surge with sound and energy. Upright bass played with a bow is uncommon in present day stringbands, and Jeff’s bowed bass is key to unique sounds achieved by the New Roanoke Jug Band. His playing reflects a fundamental understanding of the music, and is deepened by years of playing and studying the musical traditions of various cultures. Jane L. Powell said “Jeff Hofmann is one of the finest musicians I have known.”

SAMUEL LUNSFORD - Banjo, Harmonica, Guitar, etc.After joining the NRJB in late 2006, this young talent has infused the band with his energy and talent. With a strong background on an assortment of instruments in the rock field, and he has gamely adapted his versatility to our musical brew, handling the bulk of the banjo parts and playing great harp and guitar. Samuel is active in several Roanoke area bands, most notably The Young Sinclairs (as chief songwriter/ bandleader).

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