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Monkey Fuzz

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Despite what '80s pop tunes and coming-of-age teen comedies tell us, throwing an awesome party is not an easy task. It takes a lot more than a few hours without the parents (or kids!), a couple of drinks and just any old music to make an epic event. Sure, it might be funny to watch your roommate butcher a few songs with your Xbox's karaoke feature, but sometimes you need more - a lot more.

Fortunately for us, Monkey Fuzz brings the party with it, kicking out the jams that turn one night in a bar into the kind of good time you'll still be recovering from on Wednesday.

The band's range, both vocally and technically, gives it an immediate edge over the run-of-the-mill jukebox acts. Be it rock, punk, funk, reggae, disco or "other," Monkey Fuzz can nail it. That means it can play familiar tunes without having to recycle the same standards.

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