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Matt Browning

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Hailing from the mountain crossroads of Roanoke, Virgina, Matt Browning crafts a delicate blend of roots country, traditional rock 'n' roll, and Appalachian music. His originals give hard-edged insight into a fading image of the effervescent Old South--railroads, ghost towns, family loyalty, and an acute reverence for nature. Carefully selected covers illustrate his love of soulful music--a heaping dose of Rolling Stones here, a dash of Grateful Dead there; all spiked with a spiritual injection of Bob Dylan and Waylon Jennings. In a world of fabricated sin, Matt Browning offers a brand of six-stringed salvation that is impossible to unearth just anywhere. His music is not to be missed." -The thoughts of Brandon Miller

"Browning's blend is a taste of pure Roanoke: Slick enough for the city, but country enough not to give a damn about what those city-folk think." - John Persinger, The Roanoke Times

"You gotta love someone who writes songs with names like “Pawpaw’s Blues” and “Daddy’s Shovel, Daddy’s Shotgun & Daddy’s Grave”. Browning is just starting out in his career, but I predict you’ll be hearing a lot more of him." - Southern Fried Magazine May 2007

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