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Lucy Vincent

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You are a twentysomething again Spending sun soaked summer days on the beach partying with friends. Music blasting, waves crashing and above all else, just looking to have GOOD TIMES!

Enter Lucy Vincent.

Formed in the summer of 2005 on the Island of Marthas Vineyard, Lucy Vincent is that feel good sound from the islands, with an undeniable groove and overflowing energy that puts a smile on your face and shake in your ass.

With an original sound that blends everything from the catchy songwriting of Sublime and the lyrical and musical sophistication of The Police, to the pounding tribal pulse of Rusted Root and the pure party atmosphere of Jamiroquai, Lucy Vincent brings it all in a tight Power Trio package.

Having just released their first full length CD, Lucy Vincent will be touring extensively for the next year to bring the world ultimate joy through music.

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