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Laid Back

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Laidback is a band who has all the right hooks: funky vibes, tight musicianship, and solid songwriting. Mixing elements of funk, jazz, rock, soul, and blues, this band of five produce a sound that can appeal to all lovers of modern music.

The strong foundation starts with Bradley Hodson on bass guitar, who's fleet-fingered, rolling grooves propel the band forward while giving everyone a solid starting point. Backing up the rhythmic bass throbs is Garrett Wilhelm on the drums, who pounds away with intricate fills and precise, funky beats. Rounding out the rhythm section on percussion is Dave Adams, our newest member, who is adept at picking up the pieces and making them fit together with percussive and butt-shakin' goodness. Next up, on electric guitar, is Brian Raubacher who's winding, playful leads and licks create a backdrop of vivid musical colors. And last but not least is Brett Whitson, who belts out soulful vocals while playing well-structured and fluid acoustic guitar.

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