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The Kase Project

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The Kase Project A Jazz/Acoustic/British Rock/Pop/Soul/Caribbean/Artistic/Original influenced artist along with amazing musicians who work well together to create a excellent interpretations of the writer's perspective (writer: Kase). Kingsley K. Charles is a soloist, writer, composer, arranger, executive producer, and Christian. He is also the founder of The Kase Project. In fact his nickname is Kase, and the musical arrangement he has with contract musicians is known as his project. The "Project" itself includes the interpretation of Kingsley's valued life experiences, and awesome contract musician friends, pointing in the end to one common goal. This specific goal is to do what we were made to do greatly by bringing his life to music to the world but most of all addressing all the issues he faced and faces while pressing toward the fixated light that cannot be blemished. The light of purpose. Peace& Love Kase Until then check out our website:
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