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The namesake for Richmond, VAs Jubeus is a South American tree whose nectar is utilized in the preparation of an intoxicant. Its a fitting name for a band whose music is so soulful and alluring like the call of the ancient Sirens and whose compositions imbue warmth and vigor to the listener.

A mix of eclecticism and accessibility, employing a variety of instrumental flavors and clean and unassuming but dead-on vocals, marks Jubeus' music. So many genres could be cited as influences blues, soul, classic rock, alternative, singer/songwriter but each of these is but a single color in the spectrum that is Jubeus sound. The audio palette on tap in Jubeus song work is vivid and bright, flowing across a broad spectrum. The band's musical personality is an aural coat of many colors a striking array of tastes and tones all combined into one beautiful work of art.

Jubeus believes that music is a force to be reckoned with in every aspect of life. The same moment can mean two different things, have two different impacts depending on the music accompanying it. That two different people can share the same experience with the same soundtrack and experience two unique reactions proves Jubeus theory. And this is just one of the ways Jubeus shines, by sharing songwriting with a strong emotional. Jubeus doesnt just want to entertain the listener; these bandmates want to move you.

Much of the music crafted by Jubeus is concerned with love, a common theme in every genre. But Jubeus eschews trite or hackneyed ideas, choosing instead to genuinely explore this most profound of emotions, which can tug the heart in a million different directions. Using this all-powerful force as the fuel for their writing and playing, the members of Jubeus strike a common chord that flows through all cross-sections of society. They speak a universal language with music that reflects the depth and profundity of life's most important emotion.

Just as Jubeus music taps universal themes and touches on the whole colorful array of the human heart, the bands influences range far and wide, with the creative process finding sustenance in every nook and cranny of life, from the exhilarating to the sublime, from the magnificent to the mundane. It is this universality that gives the bands tunes the key to people's hearts.

With one CD Two Tone Circles already under Jubeus belt and another release due out in early 2007, the group of musicians is casting a wide net in more than just the creative sense. Playing shows, writing songs that excite the band as much as fans, reaching out to the world with songs for all, Jubeus is showing its dedication for not just music but what the music means. Jubeus is currently working with A&R Select, an independent A&R firm that shares these artists unified vision and is working hard to reach others with it.

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