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Josh Grider

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Ten years ago, a kid who stood well over six feet tall stood proudly on a stage with guitar in hand, and dreamed about what the world could offer him beyond his hometown of Las Cruces, New Mexico. Now, after the success of his self-titled debut, people can’t help but become excited that Josh Grider, the kid from New Mexico, is back with his strikingly fresh sophomore album, Million Miles To Go.

With his latest single, Crazy Like You, climbing the Texas Music Charts, word is spreading quickly about Josh’s newest effort. Produced by Walt Wilkins and Tim Lorsch, Million Miles To Go, is a lively, well-seasoned endeavor showcasing the developing maturity of one of the Texas Music Scene’s brightest new artists.

While songs like Rusty Cowboy, and Emma, carry the traditional strength of the two-step and the southern slow-dance, songs like Stumbling on the Edge of Greatness, and Love Went Wrong carry beats of their own. Stumbling is an honestly light-hearted groove and Love Went Wrong is a cleverly wicked western swing dedicated to “those with their hearts trampled, broken, and undone.”

Josh Grider remains modest and humble, even with an album like Million Miles To Go, leading him to opening for giants like Reba McEntire and invitations to perform alongside songwriting titans like Radney Foster. Songs like Tragic Circumstance, and Poorer Days have gained the attention of Nashville’s premier songwriting outfits and Probably Will has become a live-performance crowd favorite. And, when asked about his standing in the race, Josh simply smiles and says, “It’s a marathon, not a sprint, and I’ve just started running.”

The young wide-eyed kid from Las Cruces is gone; an older, wiser singer/songwriter stands in his place, and within his heart are the songs that prompt crowd after crowd to dance, to sway, to hold each other close, to help one another through the rough spots, and above all, to celebrate life. Josh Grider’s debut album opened the doors and Million Miles To Go, warmly invites us in to a world where the skies are still blue, our poorer days are far behind us, and the future stands before us like an open road with a million miles to go.

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