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"What Jatoba throws down with their latest album is a secret language sandwiched between two guitars. This album is evidence of their own language in the making. Guitars, one for each ear, speak clearly in voices, mystic whispers, tones from the underground, lyrics from language transmitting like train rails and smoke signals, canyon echoes and signals through telegraph wires. Their poetic formations fly from Colorado to the North East." (Michael Shurtz, Billboard Magazines's former Editorial Cartoonists/Poster Artists for Bill Graham Presents) Incorporating a unique blend of two acoustic guitars, baritone guitar, mandolin, sitar and harmonizing vocals, Jatoba redefines their sound through collective songwriting and extreme rhythmic improvisations. Jatoba is Jason Scaggs and John Jamison's most recent project which brings a fresh new breath to these two old friend's music. Jason and John met in 2001. Since then they have been in multiple bands and have progressed creatively as a duo. Under the name Stillsounds, Jason and John performed on the main stage at Yonder Mountain String Band's NW String Summit Festival 2004. Collectively they have shared stages/bills with bands such as Lotus, RAQ, The Breakfast, The Oridnary Way, Deadwood Revival just to name a few. The roots that Jatoba have planted will hold fast and continue to expand well beyond the thoughts that were found in the beginning of Jatoba's life. Jatoba is a new beginning with no end in sight. Their music has and will continue to be praised by fans and musicians from all around the nation. With a strong start many people are on board to support an acoustic evolution which will bring Jatoba's music to the forefront of everyone's forehead. :)
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