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Stevie D and Big Perm of Illbotz met back in the magical year of 1997 at Ferrum College in Ferrum, VA. They were both freshmen and lived on the same hall in the same dorm. They ended up bonding through a mutual love of Kris Kross, slap bracelets, Hypercolor clothing, and rancid malt liquor. Who wouldn’t bond over such fine things?

Stevie D had been making humorous rap songs and parodies since he was about 12 years old and had self-released many albums on cassette and CD including “Cracker’s Delight,” “Pass The Biscuits,” and “Crackrocks 4 Tots.” During the recording of “Cracker’s Delight,” Stevie D invited Big Perm to contribute a verse to a song on the album. It was the first verse Big Perm had ever written or recorded and it was fantastical! Big Perm continued to contribute to Stevie D’s albums.

In 2004, after graduating college, Stevie D and Big Perm moved to Roanoke, VA. Through the advice of a good friend, Tony Goombah, they decided to try and form the world’s greatest comedy group that happened to live in Roanoke. Tony Goombah and his friend Dred offered their recording spaces in exchange for Sheetz Hot Dogs, Gatorades, and Pixie Sticks. With the contribution of beats from many local producers and music by Stevie D and Big Perm, Illbotz recorded their first album, “Nothing Rhymes with Engine.” The album did surprisingly well with skits, humorous and satirical songs such as “We Mo’ Gangstalikeish,” “Can’t Use The N Word,” and even the acoustic ballad “I Love You Just A Little Bit Less (Than I Love Public Enemy).”

Illbotz started performing shows up and down the East Coast with other local hip-hop groups, punk bands, indie bands, metal bands, etc. and caught the attention of local DJ, DJ Samson. DJ Samson volunteered to DJ some shows for Illbotz and their synergy onstage was incrediblazing! DJ Samson, Stevie D, and Big Perm became the bestest of chums and Samson was made the 3rd Illbot.

In 2006, Illbotz recorded a second album, “Illbotz 2: Electric Boogaloo,” which was voted one of the top 5 local albums of that year in the Roanoke Times. This album contained more beats from Stevie D and Big Perm and also beats from DJ Samson as well as other local producers. Big Perm also played guitar on the album. DJ Samson contributed keyboards. This album continued where the first one left off with fresh comedy cuts such as “It’s Illbotic,” “A Thousand Shades of Awesome,” and “I Miss You Money (Witcha Dead Ass).” This album did amazingly well and made Illbotz the most popular comedy rap group since X-Clan!

More recently, Illbotz have been getting older and because of that, have started performing as an acoustic group with Big Perm playing acoustic guitar and Stevie D attempting to sing. The comedy was still very comical. They have started an advice column on and the Roanoke Timescast entitled “Ask an Illbot” where they give ridiculous advice to people who for some reason ask for it. They’ve recorded videos with the help of TJ from public access TV show, TJTV, which are available on YouTube. They’ve also assisted with episodes of TJTV, made appearances in movies such as “The Vampires of Zanzibar” and “Kitty Man.” They’ve also provided soundtracks for movies such as “I Work for Johnny” and appeared on various compilations throughout the area. Illbotz are currently recording their third album of rap songs, skits, and acoustic Dan Fogelberg type ballads which is promised to be the best album since “Shaq Fu: Da Return.” Ill out!

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