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Half Moon

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Though it may seem like three, Half Moon has been providing entertainment for over two years. During that time, the music has evolved along with the members; fusing simple minded jam band music with bi-pedal classic rock into what is now a cruel hu-manzee of sound; alternately described as bitchin and natures cruelest joke.

Half Moon can, and often does, play in a variety of styles; showcasing influences from Johnny Cash to Stevie Wonder along with mind bending originals that will leave you wondering why you didnít play guitar if it were that easy.

Thanks to all of our loyal fans for keeping us from real jobs. It's real down-to-earth people like you, wasting their time on Myspace, pretending to work, and drinking on their lunch break that keep us focused on getting into the bars and off the street.

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Name: Bubba J Lint-Licker Rating: 5
Review: Half Moon is a highly talented group of musicians that expands/retracts as needed per venue. Whether it's a full-on set with horns and bass or a scaled down trio, the vibe is as warm as an electric blanket. The chemistry of it's core members makes for an interesting show with no flashy theatrics. These guys rock the spot and deserve your attention. Zuul has spoken...

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