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Greg Ginn & The Texas Corrugators

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“I’m not really a redneck…I just play one on TV.”

So goes the slogan for the Texas Corrugators, a country style rhythm and swing band featuring Greg Ginn. Purposefully cliché, the Corrugators aren’t exactly poking fun at the Texas two-step, but they will lead you and your horse down a path of bent notes and broken rhythms.

In True Ginn fashion, the music doesn’t lend itself to any one strict style, with the formula for this album combining steady, looped piano, jazzy bass and a twang-filled guitar. As an instrumental band, this duo offers a toe tapping backdrop to the usual suspects of Texas Swing.

BENT EDGE, the first release for the Corrugators, is a unique addition to the Ginn catalog of sound. With such a diverse, eclectic background, you can never really guess what will come out of his amp next, but if you’re a bettin’ man It’s safe to put your money on this one.

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