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Adeem. (pronounced A D M) Age 28. Handles all the vocals for Glue and makes New Hampshire proud on a daily basis. He makes his music for people with panic attacks and girls who like the pixies (you're so pretty when you're unfaithful to me). He is a member of the following secret societies-1200 hobos, vinyl monkeys, the dorian three, them badd apples,Adeem&Shalem, falcor and the flying dog posse band, and the italian club. Fact...His glasses actually make him tougher than you.

djdq. Age 23. The mute legend of the folk inspired turntable. All he needs is one of those record players and he'll battle any drummer you know (Perferably one armed drummers would make things a bit more even). This mysterious dj has been all over the country not saying a damn word to thousands of strangers. djdq is a member of the Cincinnati based Animal Crackers(2006 US DMC Team Champions) dj crew and was just jumped into the 1200 Hobos. He doesn't even know it, but he is creating a new genre of scratching. You just watch in 10 years everyone will be smoking cigarettes and using 57 records for one scratch sentence. A true road warrior with the ability to absorb our sins.

Maker. Age 28. The mastermind behind all the music in Glue and more importantly the "maker" of this myspace page. Besides being Ramona's son he's made some of the most important music of the 18th century. Doing drive bys with such crews as them badd apples, galapagos4, vinyl monkeys,birthwrite records, and Los Vatos Locos has gotten him his tough guy reputation. Live and direct from Aurora, Il he's been the backbone for Glue and will continue being just that until he quits. He is a brilliant lounge singer when he can find work.respect.

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