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Gina Sicilia

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Philadelphia's own Gina Sicilia began singing at the age of three and hasn't stopped since.

Exposed to music early on by her parents, Gina grew up listening to Doo-Wop and the music of the 50's & 60's.

Upon hearing blues legend Bobby Bland for the first time at the age of 14, she was instantly enthralled by the raw emotion and power of blues & soul.

After years of polishing her vocal and songwriting skills, she began singing in clubs around the Philadelphia area, and began performing at such acclaimed venues as Warmdaddy's, Steel City Coffee House, AJ's Blue Thursdays, Scotland Yard and the Bluetone Café.

More than just a throwback to the great blues & soul vocalists of the 50's & 60's, Gina uniquely separates herself from the pack of current vocalists with a style that is neither forced nor cliché.

Now 22, this soulful, passionate blues vocalist and songwriter has just completed her debut album. Entitled "Allow Me To Confess", this project had been a long time in the making.

The record is a reflection of Gina's diverse musical talent and tastes, and of the years she spent honing her vocal chops and songwriting skills. The album consists of eleven soul-stirring tracks, eight of which were written by Gina herself.

"Allow Me To Confess" was produced by 2007 Blues Music Awards Nominee, Dave Gross, who also lends his own guitar playing to the mix.

Backed by a cast of some of the finest in the business, Gina's powerful vocal delivery and range command the attention of the listener throughout the entire album, with a conviction not found in many other artists.

The album has also received rave reviews in various music publications.

BluesMatters! says "it is one of the best debut albums they have heard in a while", while brands her as possibly being "the best blues singer on the music scene today".

Having already shared the stage with such notables as Bob Margolin, Steve Guyger, Arthur Neilson, Dennis Gruenling and Peter Karp, among many other blues & roots heavyweights, Gina has developed a confidence and competence that belies her age.

As a songwriter, Gina has proven herself to have a deep understanding of American roots music, as well as the ability to compose music that perfectly suits her unique persona.

Her expertly crafted songs pay homage to the great roots music of the past, which has inspired Gina throughout the years, and now comes full circle to help her create her own distinct voice in this American art form.

Gina's potential as a vocalist and songwriter is boundless. She is sure to make her mark among a new generation of blues artists.

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