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Doug Cheatwood and the Bastards of Fate

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Doug Cheatwood (often accompanied by The Bastards of Fate) has shared the stage with: Joe Jack Talcum (of The Dead Milkmen) Captured! By Robots Dynamite Club (w/ Mike Pride of Millions of Dead Cops, MP3 and Fushitsusha) Barn Burning Kitty Kat Dirt Nap The Wading Girl The Old Ceremony Toby Goodshank (of The Moldy Peaches) The Chuck Hestons Lidia Stone Matt Roren Karaoke Experience Future Islands The Sad Cobras The Nowhere Squares Prabir And The Substitutes 63 Crayons (w/ Derek Almstead of Circulatory System) The Cheap Seats The Honored Guests Carrigan Illbotz Lord of the Yum Yum Philip Uster and the House Floor The Lee Street Riots Hideki Tojo The Visitations (w/ Davey Wrathgaber of Fable Factory) The Makeout The Young Sinclairs David Schultz and the Skyline Dig Shovel Dig Northern Liberties Jew(s) And Catholic(s) The Gay Blades boy/girl Jakuta And Carl Rick Weaver (of The New Flesh) Adventure SNMNMNM Boogdish The Rudy Banes Shutdown Glorybee Here Comes A Big Black Cloud! Deral Fenderson Hulk Smash and Neptuna among others. He also played harmonica on the MC Frontalot album "Secrets From The Future" and appeared briefly in the Charles E. Cullen film "Curse of the Mummycat." He is currently recording his first album with The Bastards of Fate.
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