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DJ Sammy

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From the beginning, Sammy Cardona has been one of the most defined artists in the Latin dance music industry. With silky smooth Latin style vocals and urban dance versatility. Sammy Cardona is without a doubt, one of the hottest and sexist dance artists today. He has definitely distinguished his sound and made his mark. His first release with the dance group EXO was “Why did you do it” on MICMAC Records. Which was very popular and rocked the streets, clubs and radio. One year later he came on strong with “Do or Die”. That played well in the dance music charts. EXO was known as one of the hottest Freestyle act. Winning an award for best new male vocalists in freestyle dance music. Sammy Cardona has toured all over the United States, giving electrifying performances in all major clubs throughout America. He also has had appearances on numerous television and radio shows. He is well seasoned in the dance field and is currently working on new material for his album. Here are some other recordings he has done from 2001 until now. “Do You Love Me” on Defective records (house track) and “Silent Kiss” (dance) on Artistic recordings. “Just begun” (dance) on MICMAC records. Now with his most resent remixes he is ready to take his career to new levels. With his new Latin album he will be one of the most marketable artist today, not only in the USA mainland but also in Latin America. Sammy Cardona continues to write hot new songs that are fresh and always on the edge, with his new explosive sound. He will keep you wanting more. Here are some of the titles on the up coming album. · Candela · Me gustaria · Mujer maravillosa · Por querelo todo · Bella borinquen · Baila conmigo.
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