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Dead End Parking

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Based out of Charlotte, NC......formed in October of 2005 when a Tuesday night jam session brought three musicians together: Micah Davidson(bass), Daniel Flynn(drums), and Nathan Carter(keys/organ). Micah and Daniel were in a bar on a fateful Tuesday night, when they overheard the most soulful ivory they had ever heard come out of Charlotte. Mystified; they asked to sit in with the band. Even though they had never played together, they knew that the sounds they were creating had an infectious feel to them. Within the next week, they had their first two shows. Needing a name to advertise for the shows, Micah remembered a sign he had seen in Charleston, SC. DEAD END PARKING It just rang out. Having only one practice before the show, Dead End Parking played their first 2 shows, leaving people begging for more. Knowing they had something special.....they grabbed their long-time friend, Tony Eltora(guitar), and put together a show for that following December(leaving them more time to practice) Yet again, another succussful show. Since then they have started to make a small name for themselves, playing in cities across North Carolina like Boone, Charlotte, and Greensboro. Though still a very young band, the influences run from all styles of music.....ranging from The Funky Meters, to Miles Davis, to Tower Of Power, and everywhere in between. Though they are still a young band, they continue to win over every crowd they play in front of.
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