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Darryl Ray Band

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Darryl Ray is that hip, mysteriously cool fellow in the club, whose talent, good looks and charm are exceeded only by his love for his craft. A connoisseur of all things related to music. He could teach music himself, if he had the patience, Especially, the history of music, any genre. Rock, R&B, Blues, Jazz and Hip-Hop. They have all influenced his original sound. Throughout a career that has spanned more then 25 years, Darryl Ray has left his distinctive mark on all that have come in contact with him. Raised in Philadelphia, PA, Darryl Ray was born into a music loving family. His great aunt and mother both played piano. At the tender age of 5, he began taking violin lessons at Settlement Music in Philadelphia, were it was discovered that he had perfect pitch. In his teens he began playing several instruments in church including the piano, organ, guitar and bass. After high school he began his love affair with the saxophone. Arriving in Combs College of Music, he learned music theory and majored in Saxophone. He had discovered his niche. Upon leaving Combs, Darryl Ray cut his teeth as a pro sax player on the Philly rock scene, playing in several of the areas most popular bands such as Dynagroove, Zydeco A GoGo, Tommy Conwell and many others. After years of touring, he started his own band, The Blues Outlawz and moved out front to become a front man and bandleader. Finally taking all of his experience and personal taste to create The Darryl Ray Band. Darryl Rays new CD, to be released 2007 titled "Baby, Is This Love?". The talented singer, songwriter and saxophonist has combined rock, soul, hip-hop, blues and jazz and infused all these different styles to come up with his stunningly original music. From the full gritty tone of his saxophone to his soulful, gut wrenching vocals, he takes the listeners on a wonderful journey that encompass the joys and pains, comedy and drama of his life. The real deal, Darryl Ray. When Darryl is not playing or writing music you may find him in his kayak on the river, at a car show (he loves Cadillacs), riding his Harley or having fun with his favorite girl, CODA, his new baby. But Hey, Keep your eyes and hears open, because Darryl Ray is coming your way!
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