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Crobar Cane

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Who uses a CROWBAR as a CANE? Adam Rutledge's grandfather does, and that's where the name came from," I saw him walking around one day with that crowbar and it just hit me" says Rutledge, the bands Lead Vocalist/Guitarist. The Roanoke, Va based band describes its sound as- "a powerful blend of a lot of different musical genres." "We all grew up listening to different types of music, so we all have something different to bring to the table, thats what makes our music different than everything else out today." Says guitarist Jason Weeks.

The band recently played a show with the reunited Outlaws on their Thirtieth Anniversary Tour and was overwhelmed with the response to their set. "We went into that show just wanting to have a good time and to enjoy being able to share the stage with one of our favorite bands, we had no idea would sell out of cd's and get such a great response." Says drummer Brett Fulghum " It was a real eye opener."

Crobar Cane stays busy playing approx. 150 shows a year mostly in Virginia and its surrounding states, but like any other band wants to grow and be known worldwide. The difference between Crobar Cane and other bands is Crobar Cane has the music, the desire and the toughness to do it! Don't get left behind get behind Crobar Cane now!

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Name: tre Rating: 5
Review: if you haven't seen crobar yet, what are you waiting for? i rarely miss a show and everyone is always a blast. crobar cane's original tunes are always awsome, i would say it's like southern rock with a little blues thrown in. very,very unique sound! loyal fan, tre

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