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Name:   Rating: 5
Review: I'm not sure when that last review was written, but I just saw those guys at Corned Beef & Co last weekend and they ROCKED! I have followed Code 11 for awhile now and they had a line-up change. They don't sound like a jam band to me now. The singer had the crowd eating out of his hands. Grade A performance! I give them a 5. Check 'em out!
Name:   Rating: 3
Review: Code 11 has a great choice of songs and are not bad for a jam band. But that is all they are. I rate them 3 out of 5 because individually the instrument musicians are talented, but they are rather haggard sounding because they are not very tight together. The back up singing harmonizes well, but the lead singer sounds very karaoke. His only talent may be memorizing some songs. This band has potential but only with sober practice to tighten things up and finding a real vocalist for a lead singer.

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