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After Taking a break for awhile, COBALT MEDIA returns. Original members Wes "Gatekeeper" Bradley & Jeff Cox reunite to re-create the band they had visions on several years ago. Jason Van Natten returns to the band, but this time playing lead guitar and taking on some vocal duties as well. Also stepping up to the mic is Leah St.Clair to give the songs a female perspective vocally. Rusty Harris joins the group on bass to complete what is known to be CM 4.0

This time around, CM takes a whole new approach to the music and the way it delivers it's live shows. There's a completely revised setlist of songs, some of which you wouldn't of seen the previous CM playing. Some of the old songs have been revised giving them a new life. A little bit about the members of CM. First there's Jeff, the humble drummer. He's been playing drums for about 20 years and gives CM it's backbone. Holding down the rhythm section is newcomer Rusty. Upon his first several rehersals with the band, he's proven to be a solid driving force. Combined with Jeff, the CM backbone is stronger than ever. On guitars are Wes & Jason. Both are capable of delivering solid rhythms and screaming leads. Each have their own styles, but when meshed together create a unique sound. Lastly, but not least, is Leah. She delivers strong vocal talents with a wide vocal range. She's capable of the soft, easy going vocals to the ear-piercing screams. Also adding vocals are Jason & Wes. Jason gives the classic vocal style with a bit of flare. Wes has more of the hard rock / metal style popular of the 80's & 90's. The combination of all vocal styles gives CM a wide range of song selections. Cobalt Media plans on making 2008 the best year.

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Name: CSR Rating: 5
Review: These guys put on an awesome show at the Coffee Pot. The new line-up is great. Can't wait to see them again!

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