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Chris Schutz and the Tourists

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I'm a Missouri boy that left the country for the big city when I was just a lad. Went searching for the man behind the curtain, instead I found the angels with dirty faces. I spent some years playing bass in a blues band and the blues remains a big influence. I tend to write about everyday kind of folks and the trials and tribulations of my own collection af strange days. The Tourists vary from little old me to a 6 piece depending on the show- lately I've been touring as a duo or trio with 2 guitars and a bass- when not on the road I enjoy the finer things in life- Camel Lights, Maxwell House and PBS. I have a love affair with vinyl records and Radioshack tape recorders, I never learned how to write in cursive and still use rabbit ears to get my three channels of TV in my little house next to the tracks. I am working on my next record here in Philly with my friend and fellow Tourist, Jay Davidson. I don't have a title yet, not since I found out "Heavy Metal Be-Bop" was already spoken for.
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