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Chris Duarte

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Chris Duarte, a San Antonio native was born in February of 1963, the same year as his Strat. His goal, to be a successful musician and write music for all the world to hear. His choice instrument, the guitar and at the age of 15 his career of being a musician began. At the tender age of sixteen he dropped out of high school and moved to Austin, Texas to further develop his musical career. Several years later, Chris met a man by the name of John Jordan who would become Chris' best friend and co-founder of the Chris Duarte Group. John, like Chris was born with music in his blood. Although John's first instrument was piano, he would become the bass guitarist for the Chris Duarte Group. Together they would travel to over 300 dates on average per year for over 15 years straight. It was then that Mr. Jordan departed from the group to pursue a solo career and to open his own Record company called Tana Records. The band still continues to play well over 200 nights a year in every state and many countries abroad. Collectively, the Chris Duarte Group has realeased a total of four albums. Texas Sugar Strat Magic (1994), Tailspin Headwhack (1997), Love is Greater then Me (2000) and Romp (2004). the band is due to hit the studio in December of 2006 for release number 5 from the Chris Duarte Group. Now based out of Atlanta, GA. Chris is backed by Joseph Patrick Moore on Bass and Jeff Reilly on Drums. Get ready to have your face rocked off! Chris Duarte has been known to play guitar till his fingers bleed.
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