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Daniel and John met when John was born. They grew up together in Wilson, NC. They played psychedelic rock and roll for a while. Stuart grew up in Oklahoma, where he was schooled in classical style piano. Stuart met Daniel on the first day of college and bonded over a common appreciation in t-shirts. Bryan hasn't strayed too far. He was born in Durham County general hospital and wanted to play guitar like the old Piedmont pickers that sat on the corner of Bright Leaf sqaure back in the 20s. Bryan met Daniel while they were both taking a break from the United States by traveling in Bolivia. While abroad, the two recorded some bootleg tracks using borrowed equipment at a children's music school. Once they returned Daniel recruited his brother John and his friend Stuart to help create more music. The band cut their first EP after meeting Dolphus Ramseur and are currently recording their first full length album, due out in early 2008.
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