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Blueground Undergrass

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Formed originally in 1998 by Jeff Mosier, Blueground Undergrass has developed a solid reputation and nationwide following by playing its multi-faceted music mix coast-to-coast. The band has always been known for exciting performances and eclectic arrangements. Its sonic wall of twang type sound pleases the whole spectrum of fans from hippies to cloggers to rockers, taking Blueground Undergrass to the brink of almost moshpit energy, yet guiding each show with song-driven clarity along the way.

By successfully parlaying an extensive knowledge of bluegrass music with major elements of jazz and Southern rock, Blueground Undergrass has forged a unique, new listening experience, one rooted in the essentials of great American genres. Their Landslide Records debut, Faces, represents a strong culmination of the bands lengthy musical experience as well as its legendary live shows.

Speaking recently of Blueground's sound Mosier said, "I never want our music to lose the tradition of the porch no matter how much remodeling was done to the house over time. The band will continue in that spirit and tradition by re-creating old Blueground Undergrass originals, rocking out bluegrass standards, and by introducing new songs and sounds to their live shows. "

For sure, Blueground Undergrass will be doing what they have always done best, which is to provide every audience with an energetic and unforgettable live show of great music. And with the superb studio offering that is Faces, the band is poised to take on a whole new set of devoted listeners.

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