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The Bluegrass Brothers

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The Bluegrass Brothers are a high energy bluegrass band that are a must see show for a traditional bluegrass delight! They have all grown up in bluegrass music families in Virginia and it is evident very soon after they hit the stage. Their family harmony vocals are exceptional. Brothers Robert, on banjo, and Victor Dowdy, on bass, have made many musical accomplishments over numerous years, and their vocals and musicianship are second to none. Carrying on in the family tradition, Victor's two sons, Donald and Steve Dowdy are also very talented vocalists and their guitar work is very entertaining. Brandon Farley plays an intense mandolin . All added up, The Bluegrass Brothers are one of the finest bluegrass shows in the country, and they are friendly country folk. They perform from coast to coast and in a most soulful, heartfelt manner. They have earned fans from several countries and everybody says: We want The Bluegrass Brothers back next year! So check them out in a town near you. You won't regret it!
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