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The Black Twigs

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The Black Twigs have one boot planted in the deepest traditions of unvarnished mountain music.* The other boot is on fire! This is rough-hewn stomp, with ragged washboard assaults, clawhammer ruckus, and choogling acoustic clatter. One guy (whom we affectionately call "Clackattack") plays the h$@% out of a soup can lid! The Black Twigs are based in Southwest Virginia, where we specialize in old-time fiddlers conventions, house parties, bonfires, bars, hootenannies**, barn-raisings, jamborees, weddings, dances, street festivals, and street corner romps. The band may also perform as the Black Twig Rheostatic Ramblers, the Black Twig Pork Slurry Technicians, the Black Twig Bureaucratic Nightmares, and the Black Twig Anarcho-syndicalist Direct Action Unit.*** *Rocky Top not available in all areas. **Special hootenanny surcharge may apply. ***Please do note the commonality of each specialized nom de guerre rests in the utterly uniform use of the term "Black Twig" or a close variant thereof. Void where prohibited. The Black Twigs' cds are available at or, at itunes and at your finer establishments of the brick-and-mortar variety.
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