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Andy Hollander Band

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The Andy Hollander Band is an experienced and versatile group of players who came together looking to play hard hitting rock and roll the way it used to be. Loud guitars, thumping bass and drums, and vocals that can drive and cut across the music.

Andy has been a lead singer, guitarist, and songwriter for over 12 years, hailing from Grand Rapids, Michigan and has played throughout Michigan and in Chicago with his bands Frei|L and Leaving Town.

Bill McCray, Scott Sutton, and Tom VanNortwick are all seasoned musicians who bring an enormous wealth of knowledge and talent to the mix. Bill McCray is one of the most exceptional guitarists in the Roanoke area with the ability to snake up and down the neck with ease with a tone and feel reminiscent of the greats. Scott Sutton is a former guitarist who took up bass with a passion and plays tasty licks and holds the bottom like it was the top. Tom VanNortwick is not only known for his amazing pin-striping of cars, motorcycles, and whatever Minivan the soccer mom wants a design on, he is one of the most talented drummers that came out of the Roanoke area. Tom's sense of timing and the ability to change makes him more of a front-man than drummer. Of course with a 36" bass drum, yes that's right, it would be hard to miss him! Bill, Scott, and Tom exemplify the era of the "Power Trio" in Rock N Roll reminiscent of Jimi Hendrix, Cream, and Stevie Ray Vaughn with Double Trouble.

The blending of that "Trio" with a vocalist whose influences start a decade after his band mates creates a very unique sounding Rock N Roll. Pair that with Andy's endless energy and charisma on-stage makes for a MUST SEE night of exceptionally talented musicians playing together on one stage - minus the egos!

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