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"The Ambassador" is...Born Stephen G. Lewis in Virginia in 1980, he began using the show title "The Ambassador" based on the constant childhood reminder of his mother's words, "Be a leader rather than a follower", "Be a peacemaker" and "Share a good message, one of hope".

As webster defines it, "a diplomat of the highest rank; accredited as representative from one country to another; an informal representative; "an ambassador of good will"." The nickname went hand in hand with his passion for travelling and learning from other cultures while sharing and shaping his own. He found what many others who have sought to quench their curiosity for questions on faith in humanity have found-all of human nature shares a harmony no matter the geographical or political divisions. All have been created equal. No matter the race or creed, we can all feel love, desperation, hope, fear and the struggle and joy that is "life", though it may be experienced through different prisms. Staying conscious of these things enables us to focus not on the unfamiliarity or uncomfortableness in our differences as individuals/cultures but on our similarities as people. One can soon revel in the fact that we do not all wear the same clothes, eat the same meals or play the same music. It's exciting to know there's always more we can learn from each other.

Lewis has been playing guitar and composing music and lyrics since age 14. The tunes he listned to from his older brothers collection (John Lee Hooker, Hendrix, Muddy Waters, Zeppelin, U2, etc.) and the old Motown and beach hits that would play on his parents' radio would influence his early musical tastes. Finding a love for reggae, hip hop and R&B early in high school, The Ambassador would never again be interested in limiting himself to any particular musical genre. Lewis has been both a student and a teacher overseas and professes the invaluable lessons regarding character building as a result of leaving one's comfort zone and venturing out into the world. As he states, "Learning the ways of other cultures allows us to better reevaluate our own society and who we are as an individual as well." Learning from the world's people through conversation and relationships has no doubt been one of the biggest influences on his more recent musical aspirations.

It was in 2004 that he returned from his latest stint overseas as an English teacher in Korea to begin work on his main project "THE SEED" ( as well as hone his skills as a solo performer.

Over the years he has continued to work with longtime musical collaborator and partner in THE SEED, Brent Hoskins, also a native of the Roanoke valley. The Ambassador promises good things to come, and though the success of THE SEED has taken top priority on his project list, he states he will soon be working on a solo EP to be released in 2008 that will include acoustic tunes. "The Ambassador Presents..." Lewis currently plays/hosts acoustic shows around the Roanoke Valley entitled "The Ambassador Presents..." that feature Hoskins (guitar/percussion) as a staple, as well as other valley musicians sitting in from show to show. "The response to these shows has thus far been positive and evergrowing. I really enjoy doing the acoustic shows because it allows for musical experimentation outside the realm of THE SEED that deals with acoustic sound and performance experience in a different type of setting."~S.G. Lewis~ Stay tuned for good things to come and may you be blessed....

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