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The concept of Amalgarhythm arose as four individuals of varied musical tastes and styles came together for a single purpose. Front man Justin Duke, bassist John "Uzi" Ousley, guitarist Travis Bishop, and drummer Ben Creger each bring a different element to the table. With influences from Pearl Jam, DC Talk and U2 to Disciple, Day of Fire and 3 Doors Down, Amalgarhythm joins a new era of music taking morality and life issues to any audience that will listen. Amalgarhythm's goal is to make the world a louder place with a message of love. The music speaks of the struggles of life and the strength to overcome them. The band knows that the method of delivery can change but the message cannot. The message of God's love is paramount, and the members of Amalgarhythm are dedicated to spreading that message worldwide! Amalgarhythm is unabashed, unashamed rock & roll. With screaming guitar riffs, creative bass lines, lightning fast drum fills, and poetic lyrics, the music speaks to any rock fan with a pulse. If you want rock that jams to the rhythms of every day life, you want Amalgarhythm.
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