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Traveling America with the band Hollowbody, Robert Montgomery found himself at a crossroads. Playing in some of the states most cherished venues, Robert felt out of place and disconnected from Hollowbody’s music. At a time when everything seemed to be going right, something just felt wrong. After much internal debate he jumped ship leaving Hollowbody in search for greener pastures. And with the help of ex-Hollowbody drummer, Chris Marino, they traveled to Los Angeles, California and recorded material for the newly formed Ademption.

Starting out as a two piece, they quickly enlisted Shane Hager as second guitarist and started looking for a bassist. However while in LA certain events made it apparent that Chris wasn’t the right drummer for the job. So after arriving back home he was let go and plans were made to look find his replacement. After a couple of months, Josh Dowdy and Crockett Henley joined the band. It seemed for the first time as though things were finally coming together, but in late 2006 Shane announced his departure.

Broken down but not destroyed Ademption pushed on. In this band’s short life they have seen many changes, but the fact remains. Ademption as it stands today has never sounded better. Each person in the band is determined to make this their life’s passion.

In the fall of 2006 they finished recording their much anticipated debut CD "And From The Ashes" and are currently shopping to labels. After one listen to the album you can't help but be impressed by the amount of talent within this band. Each song has it's own unique sound while still managing to fit with the rest of the album. The rawness of each song both musically and lyrically will appeal to a wide range of listeners. There really is something for everybody on this disc. It is only, as the song goes, "a matter of time" before the word Ademption is on the lips of the masses. We know it's a bold statement, but when you believe in yourself and what you are doing. Anything is possible!

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